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An urban pilgrimage for Easter - back for one more year

The Passion Walk is an invitation to walk the path of Jesus' Easter journey in the streets of Belfast. Walking a route across the centre of the city with an audio guide, and pausing at certain key locations, you are invited to enter into the events of Jesus' final hours. As was the case in Jesus' day, the ongoing life of a busy city becomes the backdrop for the events of the story. The Passion Walk is an invitation to experience the story in a new way, and perhaps see the city in a new light.

You can download this film trailer for showing to churches and other groups. See the side panel for details.

Walkers are invited to begin their journey at Grosvenor House, 5 Glengall Street (behind the Opera House) any time between 10am and 1pm on Friday 25th March (Good Friday) and Saturday 26th March (Easter Saturday). Walk at your own pace, alone or with friends. The Walk ends with refreshments and a space for reflection at The Dock Cafe in Titanic Quarter.

People who took part in Passion Walk Belfast in 2015 said:

  • "A stunning experience… I experienced the story and the city in new ways."
  • "Loved walking the streets of my city and thinking about Jesus and how his story is what brings hope to Belfast."
  • "A marvellous way to spend Good Friday."
  • "To walk through a city with the sights and sounds of day-to-day life, while remembering the Passion of Christ also took place in a busy, bustling city, focuses sharply how God loves humans as we are in our ordinary places."
  • "I have met Jesus afresh in the streets of Belfast and have gained a new understanding of his Passion."

If you'd like to help advertise the Passion Walk we have an A4 poster and a double-sided flyer, both in PDF format, you can download and print. There is also a new film trailer for showing to churches and groups (1min 20 seconds long).

Click on the following links to download these resources:
hi-res/lo-res A4 Poster
hi-res/lo-res Flyer
Film Trailer

The Passion Walk audio guide iswill be available either on an mp3 player provided by us, or ideally as a download for your own ipod / phone / mp3 player. Listen to a sample here.

Please register in advance HERE, by email on info@passionwalk.org or by phone on 07879 014344. We can't guarantee that we will have enough materials for those who don't register. There is a charge of £5 (£3 unwaged) per person, payable at the start of the Walk, to help cover the costs of materials. The Passion Walk is a non-profit project. See more information on how it all works HERE.